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2014 River Rafting Trips are Underway!


2014 River Rafting Trips are Underway!

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About to get Hit!

I’ve been cruising around the beautiful, red rock town of Moab, Utah and it’s looking like everyone is gearing up for the upcoming river season. During the day the air temps are hanging around the mid-60’s and climbing, with the night time in the high 30’s low 40’s. That’s still a bit cool for the evenings, but those temps will keep the water frozen up in them thar’ hills for a bit longer. The longer the snow stays in the high mountains the better chance that it will melt out more quickly around the end of May, beginning of June, and that means we could see a decent high water level on the sections of the Colorado River just outside of town.

We did run our first commercial Westwater river trip last Thurs 3/13. That section is on the Colorado River upstream from Moab by about 50 river miles. And while the weather was a bit overcast, everyone had a great time and the guide received a nice tip! The water level was around 3500cfs, which is pretty normal for this time of year. And as anyone who has been down there knows:  Westwater is awesome when it’s a bit lower water due to the fact that it’s a narrow gorge, so the lower the water the closer to the rocks on the bottom of the river the better the drops for the rapids.

Scott was manning the oars on that trip, but it’s looking like most of our river guides are coming back this year and we’re looking forward to seeing those smiling faces once again. We had such a good, fun season last year that everyone is super pumped to begin again. The rental boats have already been heading out, and that always makes our rental crew happy to be out there handling gear, talking about river runs and setting folks up to have a great time on the water. Most folks have been putting in at Rocky Rapid and going about 7 miles down to the BLM take-out ramp, which makes for a pretty full day at this time of the year, and with this water flow. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest doing a Stand up paddle trip right now since the water temp is in the high 40’s so it’s a bit chilly if you fall in, but an afternoon kayak or raft trip is nothing but beautiful, and if you’re looking for a way to have some fun while in Moab, you should come in and chat with the pros!



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