three people about to enter the water on kayaks

Kayaking Safety Tips

Kayaking is a ton of fun and more accessible than most people realize. With reasonably priced rentals, virtually anyone can do it. But before you hit the wild waters, you need to know a few safety basics. Kayaking safety is straightforward and in many ways resembles generally hiking and camping safety. Know where you’re going, make sure someone else knows your plan and take the appropriate supplies to be safe in nature. That said, there are a few tips specific to the sport that can help you avoid trouble.

River Put-in and Take-Out Etiquette

Whether you’re rowing a raft or paddling a canoe, kayak or paddle board, it pays to be courteous at river put-ins and take-outs. Having a basic understanding of ramp etiquette keeps everybody smiling. IN GENERAL Many river put-ins and take-outs are busy during weekends and holidays. Mornings from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. and afternoons from…