Our Boats

Oar Rafts

Relax while the guide rows the boat

This is the type of boat where the guide sits in the center and powers the raft by rowing. Passengers sit in the front or the rear of the raft. This is the most secure type of boat and is recommended for first-time rafters or families with children under age 14.

Paddle Rafts

Everyone works to get the boat safely through

This is the type of raft where the guide sits at the back of the raft to steer with their paddle or stern mount frame. The passengers on this type of boat sit along both sides of the raft and help to power the boat by paddling according to the guide’s instructions. This type of raft is recommended for experienced rafters, or those who want a more interactive experience.

Stern Assist Paddle Rafts

The best of both worlds

This type of boat is similar to our Paddle Rafts with the added luxury of having the guide using oars in the back of the boat instead of a paddle. We use this type of craft quite often on our daily Fisher Towers trips since there is a bit of flat water and folks want to take pictures, or just hang out and not work too hard on their Moab vacation.

Inflatable Kayaks or ‘Duckies’

fun boats and easy to do

We always take one of this style boat on our regular Fisher Towers rafting trips for everyone on the trip to try, if they’d like to. We also offer a separate Inflatable Kayak trip if you’d like to insure that you are paddling one of these boats for your whole trip.

Recreational Kayaks

Calm water trips are for beginners and experienced paddlers

These boats that are used on the calm water sections of the Colorado River. Check out the Calmwater Kayak trip if this looks like the boat for you!

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand-Up Paddle boarding fun

We use the most comfortable and stable Stand Up Boards on the market. This is a super fun sport, and we’re sure you’re going to have a great day out there whether you’re experienced or a novice paddler.