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Best family river rafting in Moab!

River rafting in Moab


A river trip through canyon country is a transformative and powerful experience. Whether you’re looking for big whitewater or a mellow scenic float, we’ve got you covered.


Fisher Towers is the classic Moab river experience. Our guides will take you and your family through friendly rapids in a stunning and uncommon landscape. Full- and half-day trips are available. Click “Book Now” to reserve a morning trip. Click here to see all Fisher Towers options.

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Westwater Canyon is infamous in the river world for its fascinating geology and impressive Class III/IV rapids. If you love whitewater, a descent through Westwater is not to be missed. Space is limited. Click “Book Now” for more info.

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We offer an exclusive flat-water kayaking excursion on a uniquely calm section of the Colorado, appropriate for seasoned kayakers and complete novices alike. Take an afternoon to paddle with us through unparalleled scenery and refreshingly cool waters.

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If you are looking for a more independent river experience, consider paddling a tandem inflatable kayak through splashy Class I/II rapids. We’ll give you paddling pointers as you get up close and personal with mellow rapids of Fisher Towers.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP-ing) is the fastest growing watersport in the world and a fantastic way to see the river. We have a variety of fun and stable boards to choose from, and we’d love to introduce you to the world of SUP-ing!

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Fun Times with the Kids on our Overnight River Trips!

Fun times with the kids on our overnight trips!


If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to spend starry nights out on the river, consider one of our multi-day or overnight trips. We’ve got options for everyone – oar boats, paddle boats, or individual kayaks – and we make time on these trips for hiking, exploring, stargazing, and breathing in the magic of the desert river canyon.


Take the classic Moab river experience to the next level by spending two days and a night out on the Fisher Towers section of the Colorado. Super scenic camps, mellow rapids, and great company make this a solid option for families.

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Westwater Canyon serves up an exciting cocktail of ancient geologic beauty, moments of peaceful calm water, and the thrill of big challenging rapids. Click “Book Now” to reserve a spot on our two day, one night option.

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Western river pioneer and explorer John Wesley Powell gave this magical section of the Green River its name. You’ll explore Labyrinth from the cockpit of your own sea kayak, with the support of our stellar guides.

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Moab Adventures

Check out our Adventure Packages to mix and match land and river activities. Uncover the mysteries of canyon country, from dinosaur tracks and petrified sand dunes to rock art and rapids. Your Canyonlands adventure is waiting!