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Miscellaneous Equipment Rentals

It takes a lot of gear to make a successful, comfortable and safe outdoor trip. With airline baggage rates skyrocketing you may be thinking about leaving some of your camping items at home. We offer a wide variety of outdoor gear for rent to outfit your camp set-up or boating needs. Our staff is very knowledgeable and ready to help you make the most out of your Moab vacation. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Check out our complete list of rental gear including Gear Rental Rates.

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Equipment pick up and return location is at our shop:
Canyon Voyages Adventure Co., 211 N. Main Street, Moab UT 84532
Daily rentals need to be picked up between 9am & 12pm and returned by 5:30pm the same day.

Rafting Equipment

ItemFirst DayAdditional Days
Type III or V Life Jacket$7$6
Flip lines-Pair$5$4
Spray Skirt-Touring Kayak$8$6
4″ or 6″ Barrel Pump$13$10
Double Action Pump$6$5
Oar Raft Frame (Day Frame)$31$25
Multi-day Raft Frame (4-Bay)$38$30
Frame Deck Board Seat$6$5
Cargo Net or Drop Bag$8$6
Cloth Cargo Floor (Rear)$8$6
Canoe Seat (High Back Support)$4$3


ItemFIRST DAYAdditional Days
Neoprene Booties$6$5
Farmer John Wetsuit$15$12
Splash Jacket/Pant Set$15$12

Dry Bags

Dry Bag SizeFIRST DAYAdditional Days
Large (3.8 cubic ft)$10$8
Med. (2.2 cubic ft)$8$6
Small (1.4 cubic ft)$4$3

Camping Gear

ItemFIRST DAYAdditional Days
Backpacker Stove$7$6
Propane Stove, 2-burner$15$12
Camp Lantern (Batteries)$7$6
Dishwashing System$12$6
5.3 Gallon Water Container$6$5
Camp Chairs$6$5
Fire Pan Basic (No Grill)$10$8
Fire Pan w/Grill$13$10
Child Backpack Carrier$19$15
Bear Proof Food Canister$8$6

Paddles & Oars

ItemFIRST DAYAdditional Days
SUP Paddle$10$8
Touring Kayak Paddle$10$8
Inflatable Kayak Paddle$8$6
Canoe or Raft Paddle$6$5
SUP Leash$6$5
Carlisle Oar (w/Sleeve & Stop)$13$10

Coolers & Dry Boxes

ItemFIRST DAYAdditional Days
150/178- quart cooler$31$22
125- quart cooler$25$18
80- quart cooler$13$9
72 or 54- quart cooler$11$8
20- quart cooler (soft cooler)$6$4
Aluminum Dry Box (14′, 16′, 18′)$25$18
Plastic Dry Box (York box)$10$7

Sleeping Gear

ItemFIRST DAYAdditional Days
4-Person Tent$40$15
2 or 3 Person Tent$35$13
Sleeping Bag (30°)$17$10
Basic Sleep Pad (5/8″ foam)$6$4
Deluxe Paco Pad (1.5″ foam)$9$6

Toilet Systems

ItemFIRST DAYAdditional DaysDump Fee (per container)
85 User Toilet$19$15$35
85 User Toilet Spare Tank$15$12$35
50 User Toilet$15$12$30
50 User Toilet Spare Tank$13$10$30
25 User Toilet$13$10$30
5 Gal Restop Bucket w/seat$15$9

Toilet Systems are required by BLM & NPS. To Determine Toilet Size, multiply the number of people by the number of days.

Rental Hours

9am – 6pm Monday – Sunday

Additional Gear

Here’s our list of all the gear we rent!

River Shuttles
Contact the shuttle companies below for help getting your rental gear to or from the river.

*** Coyote Shuttle Company   435-260-2097
Note:  Coyote Shuttle does not do shuttles for the Fisher Towers or Westwater sections of the Colorado River. They do shuttles for the Green River (Labyrinth and Stillwater) and Cataract Canyon.

*** Road Runner Shuttle Company   435-259-9402