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Swiftwater Rescue Training


Swiftwater Rescue Training

Canyon Voyages Adventure Company is hosting the Swiftwater Safety Institute for a Swiftwater Rescue Training class. Space is limited to 12 students. Lead instructor is Eric Riley of Swiftwater Safety Institute and assisted by Scott Solle from Canyon Voyages. This class is open to rescue professionals, river guides, and private boaters. Class fills up fast and so does Moab, so register for class early and make lodging reservations early.

When: May 1, 2, 3, 2015 in Moab, UT
Class Cost: $335 (Includes an internationally recognized 3 year Certificate of Completion)
Where: Moab, UT (Meet at Canyon Voyages warehouse, 1521 S. HWY 191 at 8:30 AM)
Registration: Contact Canyon Voyages (1- 800-733-6007) – 50% Deposit Required
Prerequisites: Students must be physically capable.
Required Equipment: Type III or appropriate Type V PFD, Drysuit (no 2 piece), appropriate Helmet with skull cap or wool hat, Footwear with sturdy soles, Thermal Protection (warm fleece works best), and Eye protection (sunglasses with retainer). Canyon Voyages has a limited quantity of Drysuits for Rent ($60 for the 2 river days). Students can purchase drysuits, or other required equipment, through Canyon Voyages at 25% off MSRP. Canyon Voyages will order NRS or Kokatat drysuits with a price ranging from $500- $900 and must be ordered no later than April 1, 2015. You can contact Canyon Voyages at 800-733-6007 for advance purchases. PFDs and Helmets can be provided if needed.

First day of class will be in Moab and there will be a break for lunch. The 2nd and 3rd days are out on the river and students will need to bring a sack lunch. Transportation to and from the river are provided by CV. Don’t forget your sunscreen, water bottle and coffee cup; we’ll have hot beverages available in the mornings.

Objectives: SSI Rescue Philosophy – “Simple is smooth and smooth is fast,” Hazard Identification, Low-risk to high-risk rescue techniques, Self-rescue, Throwbag Rescues, Contact Rescues, Shallow Water Crossings, Hydrology, Medical Considerations, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Technical Rescue Equipment (Repair and Maintenance), Knots & Anchors, Mechanical Advantage Systems, Swimming (Passive and Aggressive), Boat Pins (Course site dependent), Foot Entrapment Extrication, Strainers, Boat Tethered Systems. (Working on the river is a dynamic environment. Effort is made to cover each topic. Water levels, weather, student retention, and other elements may make some skills unworkable. No guarantees are made that all skills will be practically performed).
Testing: Students are required to prove competency through practical evaluation and written tests. Students will retain a carbon copy of core competency skills covered.

More Class Information: Contact Lead Instructor Eric Riley at swiftwatersafetyinstitute@gmail.com (307) 200-1959 or Scott Solle at scott@canyonvoyages.com (801) 560-9588. More class and instructor information available at the SSI website www.swiftwatersafetyinstitute.com

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